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Open/close sticker for wastewater valve?


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Self-adhesive labels are available to identify where a motorhome’s waste-water drain-tap is located (example in attached photo) but there will be no commercially produced sticker to show how to operate the tap itself as the design of the tap can vary.


As Keith has said, if a tap is the quarter-turn type it should be a simple matter to decide whether the tap is open or closed. The direction in which to move the tap’s operating lever to go from closed to open (or vice versa) may not be immediately obvious, but the lever being ‘crossways’ will indicate that the tap is closed, whereas the the lever being ‘in line' will show that the tap is open. With this sort of tap, there should be little need for a reminder-sticker to prompt how the tap is operated.


However, Michael’s Elddis is a 2003 model and (being UK-built) may have one of the variety of pathetic water-butt-style taps much beloved by UK motorhome converters back then (some examples here)




It may well be less obvious with these taps which way the operating lever needs to be turned to open/close the tap, but there still won’t be a commercially available label to remind the user. But if Michael knows what he wants, it should be simple enough for him to make a suitable sticker.


I’ve no difficulty remembering which way to move the lever of my Rapido’s quarter-turn tap to open it and (as Deneb says) when the tap is opened waste-water gushes out. However, if I’m distracted and the tank has fully emptied, I might forget to close the tap. I’ve been considering fabricating a sticker that says “Derek have you closed the effing tap??”, but the one in the 2nd attached photo should be adequate.



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Keithl - 2018-07-08 10:58 AM




Is it a simple quarter turn valve?


If so the normal rule is that when the handle is ‘across’ the pipe it is closed and when ‘in line’ it is open.




The exception to the above convention used to be vehicle cooling system (radiator) drain cocks, which pointed downwards when closed.


Another convention is "clockwise to close", but on a quick survey round the house and MH, I have found some old plastic washing machine isolation cocks (valves) which are clockwise to open, however the markings on them do point to the outlet when in the open position.



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