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Roscoff to Plymouth 9am ferry parking overnight


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Brittany Ferries website carries parking advice for each of its ferry-ports (UK or abroad). For Roscoff




the advice is


"Parking at Roscoff Ferry Port


Parking facilities at Roscoff port are all free of charge, but vehicles are left at the owner's own risk. You can park for a maximum of 48 hours in the large open car park in front of the passenger terminal. There is a small overnight parking area for motorhomes and caravans near the embarkation lanes. Also there is free overnight parking at Sainte Barbe, 1km away from the port, and at Perharidy, 2 km away.”


It’s a long time since we used the Plymouth-Roscoff route, but there is a campsite at Roscoff




and some ‘aires’ within easy striking distance of the port. Like witzend we occasionally stayed at St Thegonnec, though (as will be seen from the comments on the following link) this won’t guarantee a quiet night.




Although Roscoff is evidently less popular for migrants seeking to exit France than the more eastern French feryy-ports, caution would still be advisable.

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michaelmorris - 2018-07-13 8:13 PM


We parked in the car park designated for caravans and motorhomes which on the right just past the entrance to the ferry lanes about four Saturday's ago. It was very quiet.


+1, though our trip back was end of May. Dead easy, though isn't everything in France? And now they've got our World Cup should be even better :-)

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