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Air con - Engine management light


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Good Morning All

I have a 2011 Autotrail Savannah on the 3.0 Fiat Ducato with the comfortmatic auto transmission.


The air conditioning whilst working was not giving cold air.

I took it in to have the air con re-gassed this morning and it is now working fine. However when I took the van home the engine management light is on but with no obvious loss of performance.


Any ideas or is this just an unfortunate coincidence?


Local garage is doing an OBD test for me shortly so hopefully may know more this afternoon.

Thank you in advance of any ideas.


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Sometimes work on a vehicle can induce fault codes whilst it is being carried out. It may simply be a matter of clearing any codes that are present. Without knowing what code(s) are causing the light to remain on and whether they return after being cleared it is anyone's guess!
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