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vehicle road tax.


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This was covered in some depth in this late-2016 forum thread




To summarise...


From 1 April 2017, if a new type approved motorhome DOES NOT have a CO2 value on its ‘final’ Certificate of Conformity (CofC) it should be UK-registered in the Private/Light Goods Vehicle tax category provided that the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) DOES NOT EXCEED 3500kg. The vehicle’s list-price should not be taken into account.


If a new motorhome’s GVW EXCEEDS 3500kg, it should be UK-registered in the Private HGV tax category irrespective of whether or not its final CofC carries a CO2 value and/or its list-price exceeds £40K.


if a new motorhome DOES have a CO2 value on its final CofC and the vehicle’s GVW DOES NOT EXCEED 3500kg, the regulations you’ve referred should apply to it. The vehicle should be UK-registered in the appropriate graduated tax category and the cost will be based on the CO2 value. If the motorhome’s list-price exceeds £40K, that factor will also be taken into account.


New ‘single stage’ panel-van-based motorhomes (eg. VW’s “California” models) are most likely to be impacted by the CO2/>£40K price regulations, but ‘multi-stage’ conversions (ie. the majority of motorhomes) should not be affected.


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