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I am guessing you are asking the question because the charger settings on the Schaudt Elektroblock EBL are confusing when migrating to a flooded/wet battery?


If you have a later EBL which no longer has the charging options of Gel or Wet, but only shows options of Lead/Gel or AGM then yes the Varta LFD90 Silver Powerframe battery is a perfect match.


On paper the charge rates seem 'too' powerful for a conventional battery, but the LFD90 isn't a normal battery.

The Silver Powerframe technology was designed to cope with Fords higher charge rate (Google Ford Silver batteries and 16v charge rates for an explanation) so will work on an AGM setting which charges at a 'boost' 14.7v for 4 hours before dropping to a Float of 13.7v.


On a Gel setting, most later Elektroblocks charge at 14,4v for up to 16 hours which again the Varta LFD90 copes well with. Especially if there are 2 batteries where it will lead to much faster recharge times.

See our web page on 'how a charger works' explaining how adding a second battery may often increase charge times by a factor of 10, not the 'two times' factor most expect - http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/how-does-a-charger-work.php


Either charge setting works for the Varta LFD90, but we recommend the Lead/Gel.



Note this advice is specific to the Varta LFD/Bosch L range with their special corrosion resistant, high voltage technology, conventional batteries will boil, just as they do when used on Ford vehicles designed for Silver batteries.




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