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Last winter my previously owned Swift Bolero 680FB suffered quite badly from damp and mildew and after a damp check it was found to have a serious damp floor problem in the rear corners.

I would dread to find a similar problem with my new to me Bailey Approach 740se.

Would fitting extra floor vents (small gas drop out vents for example) help with ventilation against moisture and condensation during the winter months to come.

I do now use and keep a couple of moisture traps in the Mo/Ho all year round and they`re still collecting moisture even in these warm climes.





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Everyone knows that Swift vans never leak, but I would be very surprised if a soggy floor is caused by internal condensation, much more likely an external rainwater leak allowing water in, but that might well not be what the dealers or makers say to avoid them paying for costly repairs.

To reduce condesation leave the lockers open to allow air to circulate, or try a low wattage fan to do the same, or a dehumidifier to extract the moisture from the air.

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