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Dash cams use in other countris


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Earlier thread about dashcams here, http://forums.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/Motorhomes/Motorhome-Matters/Dash-Cams/49464/


As I posted on there I got in contact with Austrian tourist board about it, this is their reply


The use of a Dashcam (car camera) is not clearly regulated by the Austrian law.


Applying the general regulations of data protection to the use of Dashcams, you should respect the following rules:


It is allowed to you use video material taken with Dashcams exclusively for private purpose.


That means it is forbidden to publish the material (putting it on Youtube, Facebook or anywhere else on the internet) if it is possible to read the number plates of other cars on the road or to identify people.

By doing so you would be breaking the law, as you would be violating the right to privacy and data protection of the other people involved.


In case you are filming only the landscape and no other cars on the road, it would also be ok to publish the material, but make sure that it is not possible to identify any other road users.


This doesn't seem to correspond to the law as portrayed in the links so I contacted the Austrian interior ministry (think it was them) who are in charge of police, didn't get an answer.

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