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Tunnel or Ferry bound M20 Closed for 3 nights


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The M20 will be closed for 3 nights, Mon 13th - Friday 17th August. (re-opens 06.00 Friday)

Well done Highways England! Peak season & they shut the only road that leads to the Channel tunnel. On past form, the roadworks will over run  as well!

This from "Kent Live"

The closure will affect the coastbound carriageway, between junctions six and seven, every night from Monday (August 13) to Thursday (August 16).
The closures will apply from 8pm to 6am the following day, meaning the work is schedule to end by Friday (August 17) at 6am.
Highways England said a signed diversion will be in place - but unfortunately for drivers it happens to be 24 miles long.
Coastbound traffic will be diverted off the M20 at junction four, onto the A228, and onto the M2.
The diversion exits the M2 at junction five, and goes south on the A249 to join the M20 at junction seven, just after Maidstone.The diversion exits the M20 at junction five, and goes south on the A249 to join the M20 at junction seven, just after Maidstone.

That is a really long diversion. If you are using the ferries then I personally would get on the M2 then A2 all the way to Dover. For the Chunnel you could stay on the A2 until the A260 just after Barham, then rejoin the A20 near Hawkinge.
(Either that or slog through the centre of Maidstone on the A20.)

Good start to a lot of peoples driving holidays?

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They've done this before. The section just a few miles from Dover port had been closed down with a merry go round diversion down country lanes and countless roundabouts adding miles,and time,to the journey. The diversion signs were so tiny you couldn't see them until you were on top of the damn things.


Not sure if anyone was working on the road at night.....UK doesn't like paying night rates.

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I returned yesterday home from rockingham castle in the east Midlands. Due to road works i had one hour delay. On the return West bound no problem. A lot of put holes, but spacy to drive on cruise control. Your trucks are constantly driving over their 70 miles limit. And coaches even more. Meet a lot friends their and have a lot of clear rounds and christal glass champane prices. Thanks for the alert info, because half of staff i s near ispswich now till friday on a second festival: In need for dogs
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