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Elddis autoquest 140 Bathroom


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We have an Autoquest 140 and the bathroom is awful, its too small, we were trying to buy another van but all they are offering is 15,500 for it, and I cant buy it for that, I did tell the dealer he could take it for that but he never showed up so we have decided to keep it. Has anyone ever fitted another unit to one I am thinking, fit a full vanity and tipping sink, this would perhaps ease the situation and make it more bearable. You can get them online but I would like to see one in the flesh to see if I can fit it to my van without too much fuss.

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Having had a number of vans over the years we have used both fixed and tip up sinks and whilst the fixed is more convenient to use the tip ups as used in many Autosleeper vans are very acceptable to us and do make for more space in a confined loo.

However, changing from a fixed to a tip up is likely to be an interesting job as it will need quite a bit of space behind the unit to accommodate the tipped up sink, and then there is the tap and waste pipework to modify.

I am not familiar with the Elddis layout but it may mean creating a false wall to gain the space or maybe cutting into a wardrobe, either of which could well not give you as much extra space as you had hoped for and could well devalue the van when you do come to sell it.

Plus you may have to move the loo forward in order to be able to use it, not an easy task?

Much thought and measuring is called for before you buy anything!

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The Autoquest 140 in the Practical Motorhome review is a 2008 model, whereas I believe Darren’s (DAZID1’s) motorhome is 2006, (probably) based on the earlier Boxer chassis and as shown in the attached photo.


It’s evident from on-line photos that the bathroom of a 2006 Autoquest 140 differs significantly from that of a 2008 equivalent, with the former having a swivel-bowl toilet and the latter having a bench toilet.


I’ve no idea how easy it would be to carry out the modifications Darren is considering, nor what DIY skills he has. Darren has owned the Autoquest since June 2015, so - although its bathroom is “awful” - he’s plainly been able to live with it during the last three years.


I wouldn’t attempt this unless I could no longer tolerate the present bathroom and were planning to keep the vehicle for quite a few years (which is not what Darren seems to have in mind). And (as Billggski and Tracker warn) there’s a strong likelihood that the alteration would devalue the motorhome (and it would definitely devalue the motorhome if the alteration were botched).


In three words - Don’t do it...


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I agree with Derek. DO NOT DO IT


You say dealer did not offer a good price.

We have just sold our 2006 van , and got a good price for it IMO. Much more than one offered last year, we sold through a broker within i month.

But don't alter your layout as it will most definitely devalue it. OUrs sold easy because it was one owner from new, lot's of extras, which the buyers liked being newbies


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