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Dreamer Camper XL


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I hadn't seen the new model Dreamer XL until reading your post, but I have looked at Dreamer vans in the past. Indeed after much investigation, I ordered one a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, after a few months waiting, it turned up without the comfortmatic gearbox I'd specified, which regrettably was a deal-breaker for me.


What I can say is that they appear generally very well built and good value - I believe they come down the same production line as the Rapido vans - which we now have (V68). We've got the same 135lt fridge, which is absolutely great in a pvc. There is much similarity with the Rapido versions in terms of design-detail and build quality; though I'm unaware of a similar innovative layout of the XL in a Rapido. I haven't been looking at the 2019 models however, as I'm not in the market for a new van at the moment.


But I'd say if you like what you've read in the review concerning the layout and design, then you'd be well advised to make the effort to find an example to review 'in the metal', as it were. My guess, if anything like previous years, the first opportunity in the UK might be at the NEC show in October. Alternatively, head over to the Paris motorhome show, of the big one in Germany - where I'm sure it will be on display.


Highbridge Caravans in Somerset is big Dreamer / Rapido dealer.







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The review in the September 2018 issue of MMM mazine gives a payload of 395kg, but I’m guessing that figure relates to a ‘basic’ Camper Van XL model and ignores the options fitted to the vehicle on test.


The MMM article says that the model is built on a "Fiat Ducato L4H3 Heavy” chassis with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3500kg. I THINK that’s a ‘Maxi’ chassis, but I don’t know if the Dreamer model is offered in 4-tonne GVW form.


Highbridge Caravan Centre




should (hopefully) be able to provide a brochure for the Dreamer Camper Van XL and advise whether the model could be ordered with a GVW above 3500kg to provide a higher payload.


There’s a Campérêve-branded twin marketed in France.






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