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Auto sleeper windrush 2013.


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The fridge will need a constant 12V supply to function on any power soource.


To confirm that the above supply is present, confirm that the fridge will run on gas.


The 20A fuse that you mention will be for the 12V element. A typical fridge mains element will only take a little over 0.5A, and I would expect it to be connected to an MCB in parallel with the battery charger.


With your vehicle connected to EHU, is the mains charger functioning OK?



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Our AT has an isolation switch for the 230V feed to the fridge 'hidden' under the settee next to the fridge. It looks just like a household square switch plate.


Have you tried looking in any cupboards, under seats or even below the cooker near the fridge for an isolation switch?



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