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fridge vent covers


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Well the quick question is ,do I need one.I was under the impression they are used in the winter to stop damage to the refrigerant unit during a very cold snap.I was looking and got the impression they are used for times when I might go away during a cold time although being honest this is unlikely as I like my warmth.Any advice most welcome.Caravan is in storage,in a cold open area.
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Thetford’s FAQ guidance on use of ‘winter covers’ is as follows:


Question: Do I need winter covers?


Answer: We recommend the use of winter covers when the fridge is being used in cool temperatures (less than 8ºC), when the van is in storage or when being cleaned.


(Dometic’s advice will be similar.)


The covers’ purpose is not to prevent damage to a fridge’s cooling-unit, but to improve the fridge’s cooling perrformance when it is operated in cold weather.


During periods of storage, covers will reduce the chance of wind-blown debris and heavy rain passing through the fridge’s external ventialtion grilles and, when cleaning the caravan, covers will help to prevent water entering the leisure-vehicle through the grilles as a result of a carelessly directed hose pipe.


If your caravan has two external ventilation grilles, fit covers to both grilles.


The design of covers varies according to the make and model of fridge, and their cost is often not cheap. If you aren’t planning to operate the fridge in cold weather and just want to provide some protection during winter storage, you ought to be able to DIY a ‘barrier’ to prevent wind and water blowing through the external ventialation grilles. But if you do this, don’t forget to remove the barrier before you use the fridge.

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