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2014 Peugeot Boxer - instrument-cluster problem


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It has been suggested in the Autosleeper Owners Forum that I post this query here too (they mention a Nick Fisher as being an expert):


Warwick XL 64 reg on Peugeot Boxer chassis. LCD display on dashboard will light up sometimes when I open the door but not others (about 50:50). When it fails, turning on the ignition similarly fails to produce a display. When it deigns to function it appears to behave normally (only twice have I had gobbledegook on the display)

Dealer and local garage said "Go to Peugeot dealer" This I did, who tested it and said I needed a completely new unit at a cost of £1100. Tried a local auto electrics place who took it apart and said it was a loose connection in the wiring loom; Peugeot/Fiat would not supply this without the complete unit.

Following comments on this forum, I contacted Cartronix in Waterlooville who first replaced the display panel and, when that didn't help, ordered and fitted a new "processor". This too has failed to cure the problem.

Since the fault is intermittent I feel it must be due to a broken wire in the loom or a dry solder joint.

Has anyone else come across this problem - I know the usual dashboard problem is one of ghost lights - but not in my case. Any help welcomed!

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Peter.


I”ve altered the title of your enquiry to make it more specific and (perhaps) attract the attention of Nick Fisher (forum user-name “euroserv”).


Fiat used to be pretty easy-going about replacing problematical instrumemt-clusters, but faults would normally show up well within the Ducato’s 2-year warranty period. And, as you’ve mentioned, the faults that resulted in free-of-charge replacement of the cluster difffered from the intermittent problems that you’ve got.


I don’t know what tests were carried out to allow the Peugeot dealer to diagnose that a complete replacement cluster would be needed to address the problems, nor how the local auto electrics people could tell that a loose connection in the wiring loom was the culprit, but it seems to me that either (or neither) of them could be right.


Logically, if a new cluster were fitted and the problem did not reoccur, one could be fairly confident that the cause of the problems you have highlighted lay with the original cluster. Conversely, if the problems continued after a new cluster had been fitted, it would be known that the cause had not been the original cluster. Not sure, though, whether you could convince Peugeot to lend you a new cluster as an experiment, particularly as the Peugeot dealer has told you that there’s a fault with the original cluster.


2014 was when there was a Boxer/Ducato/Relay facelift, and it was the facelifted models that suffered most from instrument-cluster faults. I’ve attached a photo showing the front of a 2014-registered pre-facelift Warwick XL and (although it probably won’t be critical) it might be useful if you could confirm if your motorhome has that frontal treatment.


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Thanks for the feedback.


Your Warwick (like te one in the photo I provided above) is a pre-facelift “X250” model, whereas the facelift-onwards vehicles are generally referred to as “X290” models.


I'm not sure what policy was adopted by Peugeot (or by Fiat or Citroen) if X250 instrument clusters developed faults, but the original cluster of X290s was so problematical that they were normally swapped without any argument from the vehicle manufacturer, and the only (seemingly!) satisfactory free-of-charge ‘fix’ happened when a revised cluster became available.


Presumably Cartronix test the cluster when it’s sent to them for repair and, in your case, confirmed that the repaired cluster with replacement display-unit and ‘processor’ worked OK.


Hopefully Nick Fisher will be able to advise where it would be best to start looking for a wire that, if loose or damaged, might have a knock-on effect on instrument-cluster operation.

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Going to have to be brief because i am in the closing stages of wrapping things up at work and will in fact go completely dark for a few days shortly while the IT part of the business is relocated to casa Nick.


I have not seen this problem at all and so cannot offer any quick fixes, in fact none of my Ducato's have had any kind of dash issues since 2007, so there must be a dramatically different factor regarding the usage of motorhomes v vans and that must be moisture.


Anyway, there is a wiring bundle that exits the rear of the body computer (behind cab fusebox) and heads to the dashboard. I suspect that if the instrument panel has been checked, repaired or replaced then there must be a damaged wire or two somewhere between the BCM and the panel. If any additional security devices have been fitted; i would head straight for the after-market connections, in fact anything that is connected to the fusebox that was not part of the original base vehicle build should be considered suspect. A poor connection, particularly a poor earth can cause all manner of faults. The 'gobbledegook' described is a really odd one. It suggests that the power connections are fine but the data being shared between the BCM and the Instruments is being compromised. The panel is probably able to decide to switch off if it thinks that damage could arise.


Sorry i can't be more help.


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The snag with the ‘scrapyard’ approach is that Peter’s original instrument-cluster (diagnosed as faulty by a Peugeot dealer) has been investigated by Cartronix (who offer a lifetime warranty on their work)




and, despite Cartronix having replaced the cluster’s display and processor, the intermittent problem persists. This suggests that the problem is not with the cluster and, if that’s the case, buying a 2ndhand cluster won’t help.


The other snag, of course, is that the fault is intermittent.


If (as was the case with ‘ghost lights’ on X290 clusters) the problem was continuous, could easily be demonstrated and could immediately be cured by fitting a replacement cluster (new or 2ndhand) it might be worth trying the scrapyard approach rather than paying £1100 for a brand-new cluster. But as Cartonix’s repairs have been fruitless, the chances are pretty slim that buying a cluster from a scrapped Boxer would be any more effective.

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PJM - 2018-12-21 5:25 PM



Good news


So a secondhand cluster may well have worked, who'd have thought it?


Although it would need reprogramming to the "new" vehicle. Unless you have access to dealer level diagnostic software it would probably cost more than the Cartronix repair by the time you were done!

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Update: The new bit worked for 6 weeks and then gave up - this time the dials (speedo and fuel gauge &c) stopped as well.

Appointment made to take it to Peugeot. Tested by me in the meantime on several days but no joy.

On trip over to Peugeot yesterday it all suddenly came back on again (which I feared would make it difficult to identify the problem).

However, I have just had a 'phone call to say that they found some loose connections, have tightened them, and all seems to be working! Cost £200+ rather than the original £1100+.


Now I just have to establish why connecting the mains lead will charge the vehicle battery but not the domestic one! (Any ideas welcome - or I might open a new thread)

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Ploughman - 2019-02-21 12:05 PM


...Now I just have to establish why connecting the mains lead will charge the vehicle battery but not the domestic one! (Any ideas welcome - or I might open a new thread)


Best you start a new thread regarding the charging problem and add posts to this one only if they relate to the instrument-cluster issue.

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