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Even by the Dotard's standards, the following is an utterly bizarre stream of sh1te. :-|



Q What about a summit with Kim Jong Un? You talked about North Korea. When will the summit with Kim be? And did you talk about that with him?


THE PRESIDENT: We’re going to do one fairly — you know, into January, February, I think. We’re getting along very well. We have a good relationship.


Q Do you think you’ll have him come to the U.S.?


THE PRESIDENT: At some point, yeah.


Q Where will January or February be?




Q You said January or February. Where do you see —


THE PRESIDENT: We have actually talked about three sites. We haven’t determined the sites.


Q Regionally, can you tell us about that? (Inaudible) Asia?


THE PRESIDENT: Within plane distance. This is — this plane —


Q His plane or —


THE PRESIDENT: This sucker flies — by the way, what we’re doing with this plane is, Peter —


Come on up here. So, what we’re doing — he was at the meeting and you thought it was pretty good?


SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Fabulous. Very impressive.


THE PRESIDENT: So what we’re doing with the plane — we land, and then they come in and these are great people that run these aircraft. They are unbelievable. And they’re taking apart — I don’t think this section. The section up front, they’re taking all of the seats out. They’re putting — and we’re taking — we’re sending the plane — this plane to Houston. And it picks up the casket — President Bush — which is good.



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