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Pull down sink


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I don’t know how you expect anyone to give you a definitive answer to that question unless you provide the make, model and build-year of your motorhome. :-(


(I refer you to the last posting of the "ALL FORUM MEMBERS - PLEASE READ” thread at the top of the Motorhome Matters forum’s first page.)


As a generalisation, if the pipework through which a ‘pull down’ sink drains is not easily accessible then it’s quite likely that no U-bend will have been fitted. (If the pipework is accessible it should be obvious whether or not it has a U-bend in it.) However, even if no U-bend is fitted, that certainly does not mean that the pipework won’t have a bend or angle in it somewhere that will hold waste-water.


The January 2018 issue of MMM Magazine has a ‘Top Tip’ on Page 131 about protecting motorhome waste-water drainage pipework from frost-damage, so I wonder if reading that article is what caused you to ask about the U-bend.


What the article suggests is that a piece of ordinary hollow foam pipe-insulation (photo attached) of a suitable diameter be shoved tightly into the outlet plug-hole of a sink, wash-basin or shower-tray and sealed to the outlet with duct-tape. The pipe-insulation is then blown through (using one’s lungs) to expel any water that’s in the drainage pipework and drive the water on into the waste-water tank.


This ploy should work whether the drainage pipework includes a U-bend or not, but it won’t be practicable if the plug-hole outlet’s waste-trap has two connectors (2nd attached photo) and one of these has been used to ‘vent’ the outlet to improve its drainage. Not sure how common ‘vented’ waste-traps are, but Rapido has fitted them on some motorhomes in the past.



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