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4th February 2007 - It's the second Caravan Channel newsletter of 2007!


In this edition, there's more about this year's programme plans, an invite to supply your own video, photos and reports, plus a great 6 nights-for-the-price-of-5 offer in the beautiful countryside of Portugal.


The Caravan Channel is now "officially" Europe's only continuously-produced caravan, motorhome and camping programme - there are no other up-to-date programmes on air.


Programme 6, our Cross-Channel special for 2007, premiered on Sky Channel 181 on 31st January, complete with the latest industry news from our reporter, Ruth Dugdall, recorded on 25th January - and I half-froze on Dover's seafront on the 23rd, after being delayed for an hour or two due to rough seas on our way home from Dunkerque on Monday, the 22nd January!


Programme 7, which should premiere around 14th Feb, will feature some winter footage from around Loch Lomond and Oban, along with Ruth's news and a small journey into our CL and site files. Nearer the end of the month, we'll be paying our second annual visit to the NEC's National Boat Caravan & Outdoor Show, with reports in programmes 8 and 9 - it would be great if we could meet one or two of our lucky free-ticket winners there, too!


Once that's all behind us, it'll be on to new places, new people and new sites and destinations for 2007 . . . we'll be shooting enough to make sure there's stacks to see right through the year. If you have your own video about places you've visited, or photos and written notes, we'd love to see them - and we pay for exclusive use! Just email us at editorial@caravanchannel.co.uk, giving us some details.


We're always on the lookout for goodies to share around, too. This time, we've got a six nights for the price of 5 offer from this lovely-looking site in Portugal - http://www.campingasseiceira.com:80/ - it's owned by the Turner family from Yorkshire, and has just ten hookup equipped pitches for caravans or motorhomes, plus camping pitches. David Turner would be delighted to hear from you, either via email from his site or by phone - you can call on 00351 245 992 940. Please mention The Caravan Channel to make sure you get your deal - the offer may be limited at the site owner's discretion.


If you're a member of a caravanning club, group or community, tell your friends about The Caravan Channel - and tell The Caravan Channel about your news, too, because we're always keen to hear from you. Forward this newsletter to them, too - and remember, we don't send it out to people who haven't requested it!


Don't forget that as well as our TV show on Sky Channel 181, broadcast by Information TV, our website at www.caravanchannel.tv carries most of our programme segments, in easy to watch bite sized portions! The site also features what is probably the friendliest forum in caravanning, with a growing band of folk who enjoy chatting there. Our internet connection is also what makes us the most approachable and user-friendly caravanning TV show, we hope - I'm online most days, and your thoughts, comments and views are always valued.


Best wishes,





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Hi Chris

I watched the prog on the 17th but the picture wasn't working properly and the sound was very poor. I view via Sky so I checked some other channels and they all looked fine. was it a one off or is it just me.

keep up the (good) work.


oorgiz :->

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The picture issue is to do with satellite alignment of the dish - contrary to popular opinion, Sky programmes are delivered via a cluster of satellites, and if the fitter lines up on the centre of the cluster, all signals should be received accurately. Sky fitters tend to lineup onto the principal Sky digital satellite , so one or two satellites sometimes have a problem.


Our broadcaster, Information TV, checks accurately aligned dishes 5 or 6 times weekly as do the other operators in the chain, including that satellite owner.


Sound is sometimes a bit rough, but we're getting better on that side - it's a production issue. The Caravan Channel broadcasts 4 times weekly, at 6pm on Mon, Weds and Fri at 6pm, and on Sunday at 12.30pm. Each programme is transmitted for 2 weeks, when it is followed by a new one - we should be making 26 - 35 half-hours shows this year, plus specials, and regular viewers who watched since we started testing back in October, say that they've noted major improvements - and so have I!


Best wishes



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