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Boiler Problems


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Guest starspirit
My old boiler always works but she is a bit slow first thing in the mornings, specially when it's cold, when a nice cuppa tea warms up her pre ignition heater coils enough for the old girl to fire up second time every time.
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The Jolly Boiler was made by the Atwood company that no longer has any official marketing outlets in Europe.


Undoubtedly your best bet for advice will be Caravan Accessories (CAK) Ltd (see www.caktanks.co.uk for contact details). CAK was a major UK retailer of Atwood products and continues to offer a limited range of imported Atwood convection heaters. I think the Jolly Boiler is no longer in production, but CAK may still keep some spares.


(Whatever you find out, could you please make your findings know on this forum just in case an enquiry about Jolly Boilers comes up again?)

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Hi Daniel,


I had a Confort3 combination boiler from Atwood a few years ago in an 1998 Autocruise Starfire. I had a problem with some thermostats and emailed http://www.atwoodmobile.com/default.cfm in the USA for help, they put me onto a supplier in Germany, and they shipped the parts I wanted. If you want to search for more info in Google, place RV before the word search, to get web sites from the States.


I did read a post recently where someone else had an electronic fault and wanted a control board for an Atwood boiler, it was supplied from the States for around £100 (I think) in just a week or so, better than paying £1300 for a new Truma or boiler system


Hope above helps - Regards Terry

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