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Van Bitz alarm for £15.99?


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Well no but Homebase are selling Home alarm systems for £15.99


For that you get a bell box, a 6 zone panel with entry exit delay. Small back up battery, Cable, 2 PIR detectors and two magnetic contacts plus mains electric charger if you also want to fit one of these for your shed/garage etc


Further magnetic contacts available from Screwfix are just £3.95 for 5 and a stair mat for £6.99


And Screwfix are just tops for customer service too.



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Hi Bob,


Is that the Micromark you bought previously for £30 odd ?


If it is, must pop down and buy one for spare parts, although the 2 Zone one I have installed in the MH has been running continuously for just over three years now, without any faults.


Have a look at link below and search for Motorhome alarm system,




see it for £119 - talk about rip off, this is the first alarm I bought for my very first MH in 2000 and cost me £99 +pp, and is exactly the same as the one I bought for £39 18months later for another new MH. Looks like you have sourced the same for £15.99, well done.


So if folks want a 'cheaper' alarm you can buy it from Homebase, but if you look down on that alarm, you can by a more expensive one - which is exactly the same from SAS for £119 +pp, installed it must cost you another £250 in labour!, grand total of £369 - so it must be better than the £15.99 alarm!!!


There certainly are some unscrupulous traders about, notice I have not said installers.


Regards Terry

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Hi Rob,


The Micormark 2 zone is the unit I have, and two zones are enough.


Zone 1 is used for delayed entry and exit for the habitation door.


Zone 2 has all the windows, external lockers, PIR and cab doors are on instant alarm.


Does the Homebase £15.99 look like in the link below?




Regards Terry

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