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Channel Five on South Beam


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Channel five can now be received on small dishes out of the UK - 60cm for most of Europe and 90cm in the Canaries.


You need to tune it in via 'add channels'







The channel is labelled 7505. It will only work with a Sky Digibox not an FTA box.


You will still need a 'Freesat' card or Sky subscription.


To view you need to find 7505 on 'other channels'


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compassavantgarde - 2007-02-27 6:49 PM


Hi Derek,can you get sky on a 60cm dish in your area.?I have a Globesat dish on my van,and hope this will be okay in most of Spain.Kevin


You can get some of the 'Sky' channels that are on Astra 2b/Eurobird on a 60cm dish here in Valencia. However, we need a 1.9m dish to get ITV/BBC/C4.

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Hi,Thanks for that info.But with a fixed dish at least it wont disappear like my tripod /dish did in the middle of the night at Narbonne last year.So I can at least get some news etc.At that site last april 3 vans were broken into,the only vans that did not have Dogs.We dont have a dog so they just took the dish equipment.We moved on to Leucate that day,only to find the following mornig that 2 vans had their garages broken into during the night there.No dogs on these vans either.Maybe theres a lesson to be learned here? Regards Kevin
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Hi Kevin,


The sods are still at it then, we had similar experience at the then free aires at Leucate three years ago. Our next door neighbour heard a scream from a French MH across the park, he jumped out of his MH with a .22 calibre starting pistol and fired a couple of shots at them. They retaliated with a couple of stones, one stone hit a German MH next door to him, the German came out with an air rifle and the two sods ran away.


We had the door unlocked but not opened, while overnighting on the Arromanches aire year before last at 2.30 in the morning, several others were actually broken into and things taken.


Regards Terry


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