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Swift Belair and Mirage 500 A Class Motorhome


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Swift produced only a very limited number of Bel-Airs and it was generally recognised that the model would have benefited from further development.


The Mirage is a far more 'complete' design with a much higher specification. (I believe Auto-Sleepers for a time marketed British-ised variants under the "Luxor" brand name.)


Personally, I'd consider buying a Mirage, but not a Bel-Air.


MMM published full reports on both motorhomes:


Swift Bel-Air 750 - June 1999


Mirage 5000 - February 2004 (plus a 'Brief' report in July 1998)

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I've got a 1999 reg Mirage 6000 aire. It's on a mercedes 412 chassis with 2.9 TD engine and auto box.

I remember reading a review in Practical Motorhome when the Mirage first came out, and then when I was looking to change, about 18 months ago, one came up.


Mines got the following bits of kit :-

Solar panel, gas powered 2kw genny with remote start, 240 v roof mounted air con unit, cab air con, fixed gas tank, massive bathroom etc.

It does about 22 mpg.

We've been down to the south of France twice in it, and now that I'm retired (early at 53 !) we intend to travel more.


It's a great van.


Only drawback I can think of is the atrocious radio & tv reception from the Gazelle aerial. Can anyone help with this ?






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