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should I change my mind


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Just about to sign for a 2005 Auto-sleeper Inca EK with < 5K miles tomorrow but after reading these forums for the past 3 hours (yes my eyes are sore) the following things are putting doubts in my mind.

1. thefts - whilst parked up

2. thefts - whilst sleeping onboard

3. thefts - gassing

4. peugeot boxer filler cap thefts

5. tieing doors together with steel wires, ropes, seat belts

6. low mileage MH is more of a risk than high mileage

7. Maximum payload issues


Are these realistic fears?

Am I more likely to get knocked down by a bus than to experience any of the above?


I have had a caravan and a trailer tent for the past 10 years, going to France for the last 8 years and I have never heard of any of the security issues. (although I have been gassed on may occassions but she always apologised or denied it)


Finally as I may be a newbie to MH, can someone direct me to do's / don'ts / howto / legalities about traveling in france or uk?


Thats all for now. If I buy it I will be back with lots more questions, so stand by your bunks. 8-)

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Hi Lufc. Very briefly points 1 to 5:


Yes it does happen (with the exception of the gassing) but not in numbers that make it a significant problem (IMHO). There are steps you can take to minimise the risks like thinking about where you park your motorhome, fitting a good alarm system etc. Point 6, well i suppose a low mileage might make it more saleable but I don't really think it makes that much difference.


Point 7, ask the selling dealer to have the van weighed before you sign anything then you can see what the actual payload is. One very real issue with manufacturers published payloads is they don't take in to account any extras that might have been fitted like bike racks, awnings, safes etc.



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Not sure about the relative statistical likelihood of you being flattened by a bus or (say) having your Peugeot's fuel-cap stolen - I guess it depends on where you live, the frequency of the bus service, how careful you are crossing the road, whether or not you lock your fuel-cap, garage your vehicle, etc. etc.


You'll find it helpful to visit www.vicariousbooks.co.uk as this website markets a number of 'background' publications (eg. "Go Motorhoming Europe") intended to cover many of the topics that regularly concern MH newcomers. I suspect you're right in anticipating that you'll need to ask more questions when (if?) you've bought your Inca, but you'll get greater benefit if these enquiries can be specific rather than on more generalised matters dealt with very adequately in the MH books.

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There is no good reason to become paranoid about the stories that appear on some forums from time to time.

I have learn't in past year (length of time I have had my 'van) that many are urban myths. A few sensibile thoughts along the lines of " would I leave my front door open when out for the day ?" or " have I left the house cooker on high when popping down the shops ? " come to mind.

Common sense, coupled with lateral thinking ( differences in living accomodation) ought to put you on the straigh and narrow.

Simple precautions that you would normally practice in any environment should suffice.

The various book guides and magazines do give out good tips for your enjoyment of the hobby, bearing in mind the accessories market is full of gear to help you enjoy the hobby, but it is also an outlet for security/safetry devices that may never be needed. but seem like a good idea at the time.

I have used my outfit to travel 9000 miles in past 12 months, venturing into some places that, by reputation others would avoid, but only problems found were self inflicted, like parking on motorway service areas.

A bit noisy !

Go on and do what appeals to you.


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Go for it pal, you won't regret it, look at these posts by all means, but dont forget 99% of us are over 100 and things like all your 7 points tend to worry us more at that age ( probably because it hurts more now when you get thumped).

Seriously though, read Brian Kirbys post on gassing from PROFESSOR Hatch of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, I just wish this article could be put to bed for good as i am, like us all probably, fed up with reading about it, but with all those gas detectors to sell someone has to keep the topic going!!!!!!!. As I said go for it you won't regret it.


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Go for it, don,t know about your motorhome (well the one you are thinking about buying, but make sure that the cam belt is ok, as this goes on age as well as mileage) Just take care when parked up, But in france/germany there are 1000,s of motorhomers and we all have a great time. just enjoy seeing all the places that a motorhome allows you to see and enjoy.


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Hi lufc

yes, go for it, enjoy the lifestyle. With regard to the specific vehicle you mention, find out if it's a genuine 5k miles, and what date 2005 first registered. It may be that if someone bought it late in the year, they've only had 1 seasons' full use, in which case you mght say 5k is actually relatively high - espeically if the previous owners were 'workers' rather than us lot 'retired and travelling'...!

Also see that warranty you can get- if first reg in 2005, would expect some Autosleepers and Peugeot warranty still left, and make sure this is transferred to you.

Payload - you may get some help form the handbook as to the initial payload figures, but always good idea to get it checked out to see if it is adequate for your needs - many are 'marginal' to put it kindly!

Have fun - it's a good way of life, but do be aware there are considerable differences in Caravanning and Motorhoming, so ensure you can be happy with nthese at the outset.

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(lol) come on get on board yes people do get robbed (i have been) but dont let a few negatives put you off there are loads more positives as for the legalities youve been going to france with your trailer tent/caravan aaargh there ive said it so you already know the rules of driving & how much fun it is so jump in & enjoy (lol) ;-)
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Ok, did it, signed on dotted line, got full alarm and a flat screen/dvd fitted in the price and a good trade in price for our Trigano trailer tent


Now just have to modify my drive way to fit the mh into it.


Thanks for all replies, maybe see you on the road. :-D

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