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The dangers of calling into Brownhills for minor repairs !!


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Just thought I would share with all and sundry.


Booked the van in to Brownhills North East to get a 'few bits done'


Handed the van over to the service chappie at about 08.45 and decided to have a look around the other motorhomes while we were there. *-)


Would you believe it, they only had a more up to date version of our van with loads of added extras, 8 months old with over two years warrenty left on it. (Oh OH) (lol)


Salesman's quote "The chap only bought it in last week as he has gone for the 2007 model, we don't get many of them in"


That was it, hook line and sinker, quick test drive the following morning, end result, a few loose cupboard panels and a bathroom tap change turned into a nearly new Swift Suntor 630L.


So be warned, do we start a campaign for warning notices to be displayed at all entrances of Brownhills throughout the country?


Similar to the notices on cigarette packets.


[red]"Warning, entering here can

seriously damage your bank balance!!"[/red]


So, seriously, thanks to some great advice in another post about our next venture into France, we are now going to be testing out our new van.





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The perils of temptation are great..


We went to the Stratford show last June, intending to compare the market before ordering a new La Strada in 2007.


Sure enough, the new IH Oregon on a Renault Master arrives next month after a delay caused by Renault changing the Master spec and engine- but we're getting it at the old price, and off to the Highlands at the end of March.


My wallet and a new van have a mystical attraction. it seems.. >:-)

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