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Ducato Door locks


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I have read that some Ducato owners have installed extra security with dead-locks to cab doors and the side entry doors. Should I be considering these, is there a need due to how easy side doors can be prised open and locks being punched by theives?


If so what are the best options for me?

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hi i use a steel cable with a plastic coating and a padlock internally from door to door so both pass door and driver can not be opened fiamma do a fiamma duo


eg..http://www.outdoorbits.com/product_info.php/cPath/5_23/products_id/127 but i use a cable from wilkos does the job for me



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Heosafe locks for a Fiat Ducato are not cheap, but effective and easy to fit without having to cut panels.


I would think a chain / steel wire between the door handles may be more a visual deterent. I guess a good hard "snatch" pull would open the door and leave the handles and steel wire on the floor ?


( I am not going to test it on my M/home just to prove a pont tho' )



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Hello Tony,


Have a word with Dave Newell (Tel: 07891 441883 or PM via this Forum) about fitting DEAD BOLTS to the cab doors. These lock the door into the door frame even if the door locks are forced open. He will give you all the necessary advice including having a quick exit from the van in case of fire etc. The advantage of the electronically operated dead bolts is that all fitted doors can be locked by a single internal switch or remote operation.


Dave made a great job of fitting mine to the cab and rear doors and used a Fiamma Handle and Lock to secure the sliding side door. On the previous coachbuilt the Fiamma handle and lock was used to secure the "Caravan Door" and had the additional benefit of being a safety handle for entry and exit especially if a disabled person is using the vehicle.







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I read on this forum, but can't remember who posted it, that 'Screwfix'

do a really good 'Sash guard lock' Item no 47802 . http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?id=47802&ts=85509

at only £6.69 each. I fitted 3 the other day,2 to the cab doors and 1 for inside the 'habitation' door. They work a treat and cost me less than just ONE Heosafe lock. Why is it it whenever you mention, for a 'Motorhome'

the price seems to treble ? (not including you in that Dave).

Whoever it was that first mentioned it, Thanks, they solve my Talbot door security problem.


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