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Autotrail bike rack

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Hi to everyone

.I have an Autotrail Tracker eb 2019

Autotrail in their wisdom has made it impossible to find a bike rack for our van no one makes one for the back panel . we tow a car so the option of a tow ball rack is out ,but have been told of a frame work which connects to the chassis and carriers the bikes above the a frame in the space between van and towcar.

Can anyone verify that these actually exist and where I can get one from .

Other ideas or suggestions ,not willing to carry bikes inside van .bikes on roof of towcar an option but not really foresee of loading.bikes on back of towcar also an option but might suffer from length issues.

Any ideas ????

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Hi thanks for the reply. But unfortunately not.

It's a mix of the wheel cover and the recess to the flat part of the panel which makes it a no go for the bike rack. Have spoken to various dealership s who say also it's to do with water ingress warranty.had an earlier Apache700 with the bike rack you show ,it worked really well on that.


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