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Autotrailscout electronics


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I have an Autotrail Scout 2014. during my last trip out I had some problems with the , I believe, Sargent EC480 control panel. I has started to switch off on its own on occasion and show faults such as vehicle battery low (I don't think it is) Also having disconnected the remote panel from the main controller I thought the fault had gone but it returned. When it occurs there is a clicking sound from behind the drivers seat (I think) like a relay trying to energise. I have taken the two 20A fuses out left it for a while and put them back in and the fault cleared until 24 hours later when it re appeared. Not that good with either engines or motor electrics but would appreciate any help here. Got all the way back from the south of France with the fault so it doesn't appear to be the motor side of things. Nigel


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