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If you carry a Motorcycle

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Yup, and then you have to retake the tests, which restricts you to 125 cc until ready to take the intermediate tests and subsequently, back to the unlimited capacity, about 2 years later !

And before long, learners will have to be at least 21 yrs old, and restricted to 125 cc, as current. Another bight idea from Brussels >:-)

There is also a plan to ban motorcycles over 500 cc.

All in the name of "global warming" and less CO emmisions.

So, if you haven't done so, check your new photo ID licence has all your appropriately gained qualifications. If not, they canot be easily re-instated.

Records are not held from previous licence authority.


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Since the introduction of "till 70" licencing, the rule that a licence that is not renewed within ten years is voided has sort of fallen into disuse. Your entitlement remains on the computer.


But I'm not sure what happens if your entitlement is wiped off the computer. You will no longer have your old licence, cos you gave it back to DVLA. I don't know how long DVLA retain microfilm records. Anybody know the answer?


Me? I photocopy EVERYTHING that I send to DVLA.



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