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Ducato running lights (DRLS)


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I have just noticed that both LED DRLS on my 2015 Ducato-based Challenger are out.


The handbook appears to say that they are switchable on some versions, but the required part of the menu doesn't appear. However I have just finished a very wet and windy trip with occasional fumbles with rear and front fog switches which are close to the three menu buttons. It's possible I may have inadvertently pressed an unusual combination.


Everything else seems OK but very helpfully the handbook doesn't say which fuse protects them.


It's throwing it down with rain at the moment so any physical examination will have to wait.


In the meantime would anyone have any clues?

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This 2018 forum thread dealt with disabling Ducato DRLs




Based on that discussion, it seems unlikely that your fiddling about with the fog-light switches or accidentally choosing a MENU option would have affected the DRLs.


The lights on the front of your Challenger Sirius A-class motorhome are not the standard lights found on a Ducato cab-unit and, although the Sirius’s lights must operate as the standard lights do, I’m not sure how its (separate) DRLs will have been wired.


I THINK the DRLs (either bulb or LED type) that the standard Ducato X290 headlamps have are controlled through the vehicle’s ‘body computer’ and do not have dedicated fuse protection.


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