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waeco crx50 Red Flashing Light


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Hi. I'm having problems with my Waeco CRX50 compressor fridge. I have a single, flashing red warning lihgt which indicates low voltage. The fan and the compressor will run an almost continuous cycle. Of late, the fridge has not been cooling.


I've tested every possibility with a voltmeter and fitted a new leisure battery. The fridge terminals are consistently reading the same voltage on the leisure battery, so that eliminates voltage drop. The fridge reads 12.6 - 12.8v, even when coming onto load. This is nowhere near the cut out voltage limit set by Waeco.


Does anyone have similar experience or insight? I really don't want to shell out for a new fridge. Much appreciated.

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I notice that you asked about a flashing red light last August




when you referred to the Waeco fridge as being a CRX 80 model rather than a CRX 50. It probably doesn’t matter much, but it might be useful if you could confirm which CRX model you have.


It might also be helpful if you provided the make, model and age of the motorhome in which the Waeco fridge is.



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Check the voltage at the fridge compressor electronic control box as near as possible to the terminals, idealy on the blade. Test between positive and negative at these points. There could be issues with either the positive or negative feed cable and connections.

Don't confuse the fridge compressor start up ith the fan switch on.

At compressor start there will be a voltage drop, even with satisfactory cable, battery and connections, you should be able to see a small fall in voltage. Where there is an issue with the supply and the volts fall too low, you get a fail to start and one flash code.

Check the compressor is actually trying to start, placing one hand on the compressor housing should detect a 'shudder' as it attempts start. This failure is followed be the fan running for around 30 seconds before the 'fail to start' process is repeated.

If after the voltage tests no faults are found then I suspect the issue is with the control electronics that drive the compressor motor.

It may be that the system has lost gas but this problem does not usualy cause starting faults.

The system can be re gassed, there is a low pressure connection on the compressor housing. Any refrigeration engineer or even an automotive air con specialist could confirm that the pressure in the system is correct or not.

Although not a Waeco distributer, Penguin Refrigeration,


are experienced in 12v compressor fridges, and may be able to help with parts and perhaps recommend an engineer who could test your system.

In 99.9% of situations where 12v compressor fridges fail to start it's a 12v supply problem.

Directly connecting the fridge to a charged battery via a 15 amp fuse, as sugested, would be helpful in identifying the actual area of fault.



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