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Spanish MH Poll


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Intresting and a bit worrying to see that there isn't a British manufacturer in the top 60 ?


Is this a sign that our motorcaravan industry could go the way of our Motorcycle Industry ??

(not including Triumph in that, they are 'the comeback kids').

I Hope not, I happen to enjoy Lounging INSIDE the van,(especially when it's raining),the missus insists on a full oven,(that she can reach....), I don't need a wacking great part of my interior space taken up by a 'Garage',

Bikes etc., can live OUTSIDE. and getting older i don't want to have to 'climb' up to bed (on top of 'Garage').

And i like a table to 'do as it's told' and not DOMINATE the living space,by refusing to fold up and live in a cupboard. I like my heating/hot water system to able to be heated by 'hook up' as well as gas/diesel .

That seems to be all of my 'Johnny Foreigner' motorhome gripes,i am not bothered by habitation doors being on either side, both or even at the back, but just the above 'rules out' a fair slice of European made motorhomes. I LIKE British made motorhomes (even if they are a bit pricey) provided the quality control is 'Right'. There was only 316 votes anyway . come on Autosleeper!!

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I don't think it means a lot as it is a small poll. What it does mean is that British companies are not marketing their products well enough. Personally I wouldn't buy a British M/H as the quality control and furniture are just not good enough. Too many of them have interiors that look like 1980's caravans and not a £30k plus vehicle. Those that come close to looking like a luxury item a grossly overpriced..........That should put the cat among the pidgeons.
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