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I have a Piaggio 125 and a Hongdou 125, the former I take on the back of the motorhome. I suppose you dont consider them to be proper bikes. (lol)

The last real bike I had was a Tiger 100, superb bike, fantastic acceleration. Before that I had an Enfield Bullet more of a plodder than the Triumph.



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Been a rider for past several years, started out with Norton 16H, and graduated over time to current Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing.

Present owner of the very first 1800 on the roads anywhere in Europe. Had to go to Tenessee to collect though !

Still ride whenever and won't stop until someone makes me.

Must admit to being more than average bike rider, having been an instructor and examiner, but now have the Gold Wing Road Riders Association to administer for International riders.

Look up www.gwrra.org. for more (lol)

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I have had motorcycles since I was a teenager.


Have had my present BMW R100/7 from new, 28 years. Don't take it with the Van as it is too heavy for towbar mounting and not keen on towing it behind on a trailor.


Used to tour abroad on the bike, always camping. The Motorhome has replaced the bike for summer trips.

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Have owned a BMW R80RT but now have the best bike in the world (well I would say that wouldn't I) a Honda Pan European ST1100.


I have yet to buy a motorcaravan but am looking. We've had motorcaravans and caravans in the past and will probably buy in 2008. I suspect a trailer would be required for the Pan, as I doubt many 'normal' vans could carry the weight on board. Best hobby in the world isn't it?

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bil says he's been biking for years and organising events. Who remembers Jack Colver. Spud Tatum. Nerky Newman and racing at Capel with the Twickenham Club.


He's now up graded to a bicycle.



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Got to agree with Bald Eagle, We are on our second ST1100, First one was ex police and had 50k on the clock when we bought it,still ran sweet as a nut though.

Present one is ABS/TC model, you cant fault these bikes for performance or comfort. Went to Le Mans on it last year for the moto GP,done Le Mans to Calais non stop and could still walk afterwards.

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Our list starting from first bike


1) Cyclemaster 33 CC with engine taken out of middle of back wheel, fitted with brackets into the frame and connected to a Sturmey Archer 3 speed back wheel.


2) BSA Bantam 150cc with plunger rear suspension. All the mods from Alf Irvins "Tuning for Speed" carried out so that it would require a total strip down and re-build every week end as reliabity was not its best feature.


3) Matchless 350 Gutless, not as fast as the Bantam but reliable.


4) Vellocette Viper Clubman 350 hair spring valves, always changed gear at valve bounce. A bit faster that the Matchless. Came as a kit in a tea chest.


5) Arial Hunter trials 600cc. Modified frame, home made trials chair, 500cc OHV engine much changed using piston and crank from an old 600cc side valve engine together with OHV crank cases and a cast iron spacer under the barrel. One thump per telegraph pole.


BIG gap as sanity reigned and familly grew.

Then kids left home and so mopeds for the back of the camper :-


Yamaha QT50. Fantastic simple light weight 50 cc two stroke shaft drive bike. Ideal for pottering about but no good for steep hills. We had two and they never let us down. Beat an electric alternative hands down.


Honda 90 and 50cc Monkey bike, both 4 stroke and with gears.


The 90cc bigger monkey for me.

Both stollen so


Honda APE for me with 115cc Takegawa kit fitted to make it fly.

Madam has a Monkey with 12 volt electric start.


We both get around rather well.


Bring on the freedom!!


P.S. I am not allowed a BIG bike but would would fancy a shaft drive Harley, a propper one and not one with the elastic band drive. Alternatively a 500cc trail bike.


We currently tow a home made two bike trailer but next MH will have an adequate garage.





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looked everywhere for a MH with the capacity to carry one proper bike but too no avail. Apart from the size the main issue is weight, my bikes weigh in at 120 k each so a trailer or an American "Toyhauler" was the only answer.




ps : When did Hardley Davidson make a shaft drive , i thought they were all belt driven. But then again i am no fan of the 2 wheeled tractors.

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Can't quite match Terry's numbers for his Triumphs but my current stable


Triumph Trophy 1200

Triumph Sprint ST 955i

Honda CBR600

and for the winter

Kawasaki KLR 250


They just sort of built up because they are never worth anything trade in even though they were bought new and two only have 2 to 3000 miles on the clock!



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