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Erratic Fuel Gauge on Fiat X230


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Fiat X230 - chassis build 06/07/99 - very erratic fuel gauge.

Ducato 2.8i.d.TD 3.5t Chassis ZFA230000*05770193 (Type 231) on ‘Camping-car suspension’.

Engine type 8140*43 Eng No 2873432 I believe the Fuel tank is the 75L version.

Our local commercials garage checked out connections etc and believes/agrees it is a faulty sender unit. They ordered in the only one available to them in UK but "wrong type". Message from them says they've found one that is probably the right one on eBay but in Lithuania ( ! ). Anyone have more info please on the different types fitted and how to identify them? Many thanks - Neill.


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Using ePer on the Fiat Forum site would give you the appropriate info by VIN number.




with it being Lithuania, I suspect they may well have been using this site to determine the part.




(it is essentially the same info, and more up to date - more recent models - than the Fiat Forum ePer)


Entering your VIN number (excluding the asterisk) identifies your vehicle (at least the details match your type, dates, etc), and drilling down through Fuel Injection System, Fuel Tank, etc. gives a part number of


1318336080 for your sender unit (@ €164.26).



If you wanted to chance Italian eBay, this might help lighten the load on your wallet:




Armed with the part number, you may find other hits (though I couldn't find a UK supplier).


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Before you spend money on a sender, remove the binnacle and disconnect the connections to the printed circuit board that serves the instrument panel, then reconnect. It also helps to ensure the earth connections are good. Some people attribute the problem to a build up of static electricity, get a length of wire, bare both ends and connect to the various earths and a handy part of the van bodywork.
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I can't find anywhere with stock in the UK.


Coastal Motorhomes would be my first port of call, but though they have had stock, it is currently not in stock.




They have a reputation for being helpful, so you might consider giving them a bell to find out how easily (if at all) they could source one.

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