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Concertina screen help

Happy Hymer

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This is my first time on here as I only bought a motorhome at the weekend. :-D


I am going to take the curtain down around the bed and want to put a straight concertina screen/door instead.


I have seen these in other motorhomes and would like to know if anyone knows of a manufacturer or supplier. I dont get the van until April.




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Hi John


Had a look through this months MMM but cannot find the article you refer too. Help, can you give me the page number of the article, or the name of a good Optician


If Heather should find the type of blinds she is looking for could she let me know as my better half is looking for something along the same lines.


Many thanks


Wilson :D

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Welcome to the forum :


A minor point seeing your double postings and corrections. When you see your own postings, there is an "edit" button at the bottom. This allows you to correct all thhse silly mistakes we all make. BUT you only have half an hour to make a correction.


The only give away is a little message that says edited.


Rgds and happy postings.

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The concertina room-dividers used in motorhomes are usually made by the German company REMIS and the product itself is called REMIform. Details can be found on http://mobil.remiglas.de/289/?L=1


I don't know whether REMIform is available retail in the UK. It is marketed in Australia via AL-KO (see http://www.alko.com.au/vehicle/brochure/roomdividers.html) but not, apparently, by that company (see www.al-ko.co.uk) in this country.


If you GOOGLE on "remis blinds" and 'pages from the UK', you'll retrieve a number of UK retailer references that you could contact. If they market the blinds they may also be able to obtain the room-dividers.


Suggest you stay with the curtain - simple, cheap to replace, less vulnerable to damage and better insulation if the right fabric is used.


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Derek is right - Remis make them. And various dealers do sell them in the UK. But beware:


- they are only sold as sets of three (two side windows plus windscreen)


- they are VERY expensive (c. £300 upwards)


- check that the one across the windscreen does not obstruct your view while driving - and the side window ones for that matter - before buying.


- they have recently been subject to a lot of discolouration problems.


However, Remis now have a new design which may overcome some of these problems.


Mel E




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Hi Happy Hymer,


For my day job I manufacture pleated blinds, amongst other types, and as a consequence know most of the problems with them. We have a Hymer B classic and did not like the lack of vision when the curtains were stowed for travelling so I looked at making black-out pleated blinds for the front side windows and screen. The stacking height, travelling position, was just as bad as the curtains, we invested in a "Silver Screens" and solved most of the problems with curtains or blinds for front screens.

If however you are looking at replacing the divider curtain for the front bed area than I assume they would have to be a semi solid material and I would be concerned about the possibility of additional rattles whilst travelling.

I hope this helps but talk to other motorhomers on your travels and then make your decision.



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The REMIform 'concertina door' I mentioned earlier is made from a thickish stiffened fabric that has no potential for rattling when clipped back into its retracted position. It hangs from 'sliders' running in a ceiling-mounted track and its advertised main benefit over a curtain is that, when folded, the door takes up little lateral space. So, for a restricted-width opening REMIform offers a real advantage, but for a wide opening the balance moves towards curtains. Of course, if 'style' and 'modern' are all-important, then that's another matter.


(Incidentally, I am talking from experience here, as my Hobby has a REMIform concertina door to segregate bedroom/bathroom from kitchen/front lounge.)

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Hi Derek,


Thanks for that info I will add that to my database, as a manufacturer of pleated, consertina blinds, I try to take a balanced view of every installation and sometimes pleated blinds are not always the best answer.

The condensation you get on the front screens when using curtains or blinds has always caused me some concern as when they folded for travelling this dampness is folded with the blind and could lead to mould problems. When used as a divider for a bathroom it should not be a problem as it can be pulled across to dry naturally during the day.


I suppose it comes down to "you pays your money you takes your choice".



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