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Base Vehicle Battery


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Hi Dadswell,


If you always want a reliable battery for starting, then after 5 years use it would be advisable to swap the battery for a new one.


Preventative maintenance is always cheaper in the long run, hence your regular servicing of the mechanical bits and bobs. Older batteries can also go nuclear followed by a smell of bad eggs!! as they reach the end of there life.


Regards Terry



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Assuming you keep the van in use during the winter, and provided it still starts readily on a cold morning, I wouldn't change it until it shows signs of having insufficient power to turn the engine.

However, be aware that modern batteries tend to "go" quite quickly, so the moment it gives you the message, act!

How long do you intend keeping the 'van?  If you're thinking in terms of another five years, the battery is almost bound to fail within that timescale, so replacement will be inevitable.  You may as well change in the near future, perhaps just before next winter to be safe.  However, if the battery is currently healthy and you'll be selling soon, sell with the existing battery.  No one will reimburse you the cost of putting in a new one!

Much the same will go for the habitation battery/s.

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Hello Dadswell,


I would agree with Brian, why change a battery if it is working OK. From my experience with my own vehicles and replacement on others there does not seem to be a Life Period. EG. On two of my family vehicles the batteries lasted ten years plus and were still going strong when sold. On my previous van the battery had to be replaced after 18 months.


Whether a sealed battery lasts longer than a non-sealed or a Gel battery has a longer life I have no knowledge. My advice would be to regularly maintain the battery by, if possible, checking and correcting the specific gravity and making sure the terminals are kept clean. It would also be beneficial to have the charging equipment and circuit checked at the vehicle service.


Hope this is of assistance.





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