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0870 and 0845 Numbers


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Have a look at :-




As well. This site has saved us £'s by giving us alternative normal numbers.


Not only that but we now use it as a great Directory Enquiries resource as you can type in the company/organisation and more often than not get a great range of numbers for the departments you want!


It is not foolproof tho' but very useful more often than not.


For an example


When you have the page open click on "Find an Alternative Number" and then enter "NORWICH UNION" - that well known insurer that likes to use a call centre on the other side of the world.


I think you can see that the results are impressive!!


Especially as this site gives a description of what dept is on the other end of the telephone number they give you.


However, there is evidence that when a number gets too well known some companies organisations do delete/isolate the number. So as I say not foolproof but VERY SATISFYING TO CIRCUMVENT THEIR MONEY GRABBING SYSTEM



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