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Windy old weather


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A few weeks ago we managed to time our arrival in Spain and Portugal with Storm Elsa, torrential rain and storm force gusts.


Pretty frightening driving, especially on the higher ground with turbulent gusts coming down off the mountains.


We carried on cautiously as there was nowhere really safe to shelter but directional stability took some concentration and we were virtually blown sideways a couple of times.


I have never heard of a motorhome being blown over but as a 'high sided vehicle' we must be at some risk.


Has any one heard of a motorhome being blown over?

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The area close to Italy/Slovenian border experiences a strong wind called Bora ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bora_(wind ).

Trieste is one of towns affected ( https://www.discover-trieste.it/code/15833/The-Bora or https://bestoftrieste.com/2017/01/19/survival-guide-la-bora/ ).

Very often it blows up to 170km/h.


Google something like 'camper rovesciato vento trieste' and you will see not just motorhomes but even LGV overturned by wind.




p.s. I had strong experiences on Adriatic coast (Ravenna) and on Norwegian Finnmark driving back from Hamningberg to Vadsø. Real fear.

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