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Exposed: The Church's Darkest Secret


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Part 1 of a two part documentary screened on BBC2 last night showing how 'the establishment' engaged in a cover-up to protect a Bishop from allegations of sexual offences against boys. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury withholding information from the police.


Part 1 on iplayer now; (part 2 is on tonight)



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John52 - 2020-01-18 8:09 PM


I suspect their vow of celibacy has something to do with it.

When they suppress their healthy sexual urge it surfaces in another form >:-)


Dont know if any of those in Rochdale , Rotherham , Oxford , Bristol , Aylesbury , Keighley , Huddersfield , Derby , Peterborough , Telford , Halifax , Manchester and so on and so on took a vow of celibacy ... They obviously took some kind of vow to attack girls from a different religion and different ethnic background though

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