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Fiat Ducato X-250 clutch


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Have you owned from new, do you travel far from home. I had a 2008 3,000 Fiat with dual mas fail at 240 miles again at 4,700 owing to poor replacment. Have a x250 white man van 179,000 still original clutch.

I think the motorhome's clutch was effected by the high reverse gear 1st time.


At your mileage if shows no sign of problems leave it. If your going to the back of beyond replace it for piece of mind. A clutch far from home could be expensive and inconvenient. Around £850-1250.

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The Fiat X250, 3 litre engine has a dual-mass flywheel (DMF) with a timing chain (not a belt). The DMF is supposed to reduce vibrations in the drive-train.


I thought the smaller engine X250 had a solid flywheel and was generally more robust.


Clutch wear can be reduced by not overstressing the drive-train components. For instance, I always change down a gear when the engine speed drops below 2000 rpm.


Perhaps the OP similarly treats the clutch with respect and can expect it to last thousands of more miles.


A new clutch with flywheel, slave cylinder, water pump, belts etc is likely to be around the £1500 mark.


It's a difficult choice. A new clutch could fail prematurely but at least you know the clutch slave cylinder (located in the bellhousing) and water pump should be good for many miles to come.

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