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Emergency starting system Peugeot Boxer 2 litre Diesel

Rodney Pattisson

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Having failed to solve my immobiliser padlock light problem with it regularly and spasmodically staying on and so preventing me from starting my vehicle. How does the emergency starting system actually operate using its 5 number code combined with pressing down on the foot throttle?. Is it 100% reliable or is it possible with frequent use to suddenly fail, so rendering my vehicle quite impossible to start? Obviously a really serious problem if I am abroad in the south of Spain?



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This January 2020 thread discussed the problem with Rodney’s 2003 Boxer’s immobiliser.




I couldn’t find details in the on-line Peugeot Boxer handbooks about the emergency starting procedure - the capability is mentioned in passing but the procedure itself is (seemingly) not described.


The advice quoted below comes from the Small Motorhome and Friends Forum and was provided in 2015 when an enquiry was made about starting problems with a Boxer with 2.2HDI motor:


The only other thing I found is using a set up to bypass the immobiliser as an emergency start procedure. It says you need a code card from a dealer - at a cost that was stated as £10. The procedure, copied directly is:-



This emergency procedure enables you to start the engine only if the engine doesn’t start because of an immobiliser problem.

If the procedure is interrupted, you must do it again. That’s why it is important to read and understand properly the procedure before practising it.

This procedure must be done for each starting.


1. Read the security code on the card

2. Switch off the ignition. Switch on the ignition

3. Press the accelerator pedal till the diagnostic light switch off (around 8 secs)

4. Release the accelerator pedal

5. Press the accelerator pedal as soon as the number of diagnostic light flashing

equals the first number of the security code

6. Press the accelerator pedal till the diagnostic light switch off (around 4 secs)

7. Do stages 6 and 7 for each number of the security code

8. Once you have released the pedal accelerator for the last number if the light

switch off or flash for 4 seconds, the procedure is a success and the engine can

be started.

If the diagnostic light stays on , the procedure has failed and must be done again after a delay of 10 minutes. Start the procedure stage 2. If the procedure succeeds and the engine starts, it means that the problem is an immobiliser one.”


There is a 2014 YouTube video "Procedure for start Citroen Jumper 2.0 HDI with immobilizer problems” that may well apply to a 2003 Peugeot Boxer, but it is in French...



(I have not waded through the French video in depth, but I think it matches the advice given in the Small Motorhome and Friends Forum.)


Logically, if the emergency starting procedure successfully works once on Rodney’s Boxer, there’s no particular reason to think it would not work twice, three times, etc. But the procedure is intended to temporarily bypass an immobilser-related fault, not to be employed as the normal method of starting the vehicle’s motor. The expectation is that, after the emergency procedure has been used to start the motor, the vehicle will be taken to a Peugeot agent to have the underlying problem investigated and resolved.

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witzend - 2020-02-25 10:54 PM


Have you had a look on uTube theres no end of videos on your problem seems like it may be the body computer in a lot of cases


Body computers were only introduced in Fiat vehicles in 2006 with the x250 update. I would expect that the same would apply to the Peugeot Boxer vehicles which are also of SEVEL manufacture. This means that Rodney's 2003 vehicle will not have a body computer.


The emergency start code is not disclosed for UK based vehicles. I remember reading that it is withheld at the request of the insurers, and expect that there would have to be some proof of ownership, when aquiring the code.


The components of immobiliser system in vehicles manufactured before mid 2006,comprise: key chip, aerial at ignition switch, code receiver, ECU, and the interconnecting wiring which includes power supply wiring for the code receiver.






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