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Burstner Sovereign Nexxo 2015 side habitation door blind


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Can you provide a photo of the inside of your Nexxo’s habitation door showing the blind?


I’ve looked at my Rapido’s door that has a pull-up concertina window-blind and it would seem that gaining access to the blind-unit would only involve removal of a ’surround’ (albeit a quite large surround) behind which is the blind-unit, rather than removal of the door’s complete plastic inner lining.


Habitation doors with integrated windows/blinds often have a removable surround, but (as the attached image appears to show) this may not always be the case.


There is some on-line advice on how to remove a habitation door’s inner lining, but the method(s) suggested depend on the make of door and its design. It is not a DIY task to be taken lightly and certainly not something that should be attempted if there is an alternative.


Are you certain that it impossible to reattach the top of the blind to the ’slide’? Even if there were a removable ’surround’ I’d try very hard to think of a way to get the blind back into the slide, rather than attempt to remove the surround. And, if there were no removable surround, I’d try very very very hard to think of a way to get the blind back into the slide rather than attempt to remove the door’s inner lining.


(The outer edge of my Rapido’s right-hand REMIS concertina windscreen blind detached from its plastic end-fitting and I managed to reattach the edge with judicious use of double-sided carpet tape. It wasn’t an easy job, but better than dismantling the blind.)


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