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Swarms of immigrants prepare to invade UK


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Coming over here, bleeding our benefits system, blocking our NHS, stealing our jobs, taking our houses, adding to congestion...and that's just Brit immigrants in Spain. What about those in France, Greece, Cyprus etc.


Many Britons in Spain were not officially registered as Spanish residents, O’Reilly said, partly because different Spanish local authorities have interpreted free movement policies differently. The situation is exacerbated because Spain does not allow dual nationality for Britons.


“Lots of people have just buried their heads in the sand...”. Yeah we know one that pretends to be a "legal" squirming under the radar in Spain six months of every year whilst leeching off the NHS who buries his head in the sand.


“People are afraid to register because they’re worried they will be told they aren’t legal, that they won’t meet future income requirements, that they will be told to go back to a country they maybe left decades ago and where they have nothing.”


But this is what you voted for! *-)




Even two faced hypocrites like Barry and Diane who flew into UK from their Benidorm villa wearing anti-EU badges to throw money at Fartages now defunct paypal company. *-)



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Seems the main reason many immigrant Brits living in Spain hadn't registered with authorities to avoid paying tax and health insurance. The following from an immigrant Brit living legally in Spain;


"You cant stay for more than 3 months without registering for residencia. Once you are a legal resident the Spanish taxman can see you as a tax resident and you will pay taxes, although it's more likely the 183 rule would apply. If you don't want to pay tax in Spain then don't register but don't expect to stay more than 3 months."


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