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Autotrail television


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Hi I have got a Autotrail Imala 2016 with a television which drops down from above the cab. When stored away above and the catch locked its ok until we hit a bump in the road. It then drops down between the drivers and passengers heads. The lock catch over the years as worn is it possible to buy another catch for it. If not has anybody got a tip to remedy this. Thanks again for any answers for this problem.


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A similar enquiry was made on the MHFun forum in 2015 (I’ve copied below the photos of the DIY approach)




You might try the Auto-Trail Motorhome Owners Facebook group




or Auto-Trail itself




but I suspect it won’t be possible to buy just the catch.











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Hi Dennis, If your 2016 Imala was fitted with the Auto-trail media pack option 1 you would have fitted an Avtex 18.5 inch TV/CD set. That TV is mounted as you stated using a spring loaded pivot pin that has a locking position. When my 2015 AT Tracker FB was delivered with that system I was very concerned about the locks ability to stop the TV pivoting down. A few months after delivery there was a recall and an additional locking device was fitted to the bottom of the TV ie the opposite end to the pivot/lock. Since that was installed I have had no issues at all and it has remained in place over some extremely bumpy roads.

if you have only the pivot/lock I would suggest you have the second lock fitted and that should solve your problem. IMHO this is one of the best locations I have seen for a TV with the ability to watch from most locations in the hab area except for the two seats in the front Fiat cab. cheers,

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I see your Imala is a 2016 but was it possibly one of the 2015's affected by a faulty TV bracket?


See this extract from the ATOC website...


"As part of our ongoing quality assessment and despite full endurance testing, we have discovered a potential risk with the weld on the front TV bracket fitted to a number of 2015 Auto Trail vehicles.


It has been identified that certain conditions can affect the structural integrity of the weld that holds the two pieces of the TV bracket together. In some situations this can lead to the weld failing allowing the TV to drop with no prior warning. Because of this small risk, we have decided to add a secondary latch to the front of the TV installations on all 2015 affected models detailed below within the build numbers; 151002 - 151536 inclusive, 155001 - 155534 inclusive and 158009 - 158055 inclusive (after these build numbers the bracket was modified with additional welds)."




You need to check your AT build number for confirmation.



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