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Scooter/Motorcycle Trailer


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I used to tow my Honda cbf on a MOTOLUG.


The advantage for me was 2 fold.

1) it fold down to be stowed in the back of a car so it easily fitted into my shed at the bottom of the garden.

2) it tilts down to the road so the bike could be driven up on to the holder which holds it upright so I could take my time in strapping it down. It’s just a one person job.

Have a look at the website.



I sold my Honda two years back but held onto the trailer planning to buy another bike but, after heart problems, that plan has gone by the wayside. If you are interested in the trailer pm me.



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There are many ways of trailering a scooter, including some which kill other bird with the same stone. For example there is a choice of small box van trailers, big enough to load the scooter but will also keep it sheltered and allow you to save MH payload by transferring other stuff to the trailer too. A single axle box van trailer rated at 750kg max weight would be very versatile. 
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