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Missing all this,


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witzend - 2020-04-21 9:57 PM


Keithl - 2020-04-21 7:37 PM


I don't get an "Open" option, only 'Create account' or 'Start uploading'.


Do you have an ImgBB account?




I do now but still aren't getting the pictures


OK Now great pics Thanks

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https://ibb.co/album/dB10b9 This is Paderne Portugal, ancient wash house on the Albufeira River, good wild camp place as lots of good walks, toilets here too , we were there around Christmas last year and found the Fuentes had dried up as had the Albufeira River, we were also at Pago d Alter Barragem for a few nights and that too was almost empty, Portugal is facing serious drought
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