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GASLOW refillables


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My understanding is that every user-refillable LPG bottle or tank of the type fitted to UK-registered leisure-vehicles has a ‘working life’ of 10 years or 15 years and, at the end of that period, UK regulations demand that the bottle/tank either be discarded or professionally inspected, tested and recertified for a further period if its condition proves to be satisfactory.


Inspection, testing and recertification of user-refillable bottles was discussed in some depth in these 2015-2017 forum threads






and (as the link Keith provided suggests) for Gaslow bottles the ‘working life’ is 15 years for the earlier 2-hole bottle-type or 10 years for current R67 canisters.


Gaslow’s installation instructions document




carries the advice shown on the file attached below - this was in 2012 and the bottles were the 2-hole-type.


Regarding Gaslow’s bottle ‘exchange scheme' (that I think is unique to Gaslow) I don’t know what the present position is. Tho most recent details I can find on-line are in these 2018 forum threads






that included information from Gaslow itself.


This current Gaslow webpage






Does the cylinder need to be recertified?

Yes, like all LPG cylinders in use they will have to be recertified during their life. Please contact us with the date stamped on your cylinder, we will then be able to let you know when your inspection is due.


but the first posting of this 2019 thread




suggests that the Gaslow ‘exchange scheme’ is not operative.


(I’ve emailed Gaslow and asked whether the exchange scheme still exists.)




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I’ve now had the following prompt response from Gaslow (this will relate to the ‘old’ 2-hole bottles)


The exchange is still available. The exchange is £99.00 per cylinder and would need to be carried out at our warehouse in Loughborough.


Hopefully we will be able to open the warehouse to customers again soon.


The other option is to upgrade to the R67 cylinder at a discount of 20% off the price of a brand new cylinder.


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Incidentally - just to muddy the waters ;-) the Safefill website’s FAQ section says


Q: Does the cylinder need to be certified?

A: As with most cylinders current guidelines require a recertification at 10 years.


(that’s "guidelines" not “regulations”)


and this GAS-IT webpage






Under current UK & EU law, privately owned end-user owned refillable gas bottles or gas tanks do not need to be legally tested every 10 years as normal gas bottles issued by the big commercial companies do but to be safer than sorry we would always recommend that they are checked and inspected, even if that is just by a GAS IT trained engineer who can check the physical look and condition of the tank/bottle and its valves functionality.

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