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Stupid me


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Hi folks and hope your all keeping well ;-)

Thought I might check the Mo/Ho out today and went through a few things. All`s ok until I came to igniting the fridge, bugger "there`s no clicking sound to be heard when the igniter is pressed in. OK so lets try and trace it through to find the problem, gotta be the battery, but hang-on I put a new one in only just the end of last season. Alright lets replace the battery anyway, " still no spark".

Lets have a look at the next connection which is a plug-in to the igniter "power booster box" well that's what I`m calling it. Ah-Ha Verdigris corrosion on the plug pins, contact cleaner will cure this, "nope".

So where next. I`m at the burner now checking the ignition plug, the wire connection again is showing signs of corrosion so I give it a good clean with a piece of fine emery paper, "still nothing".

I might as well remove the thermocoupler and clean the burner now, so i do.

Now i would usually call myself a competent person when it comes to DIY, but on this occasion i cocked-up :-S :-S :-S :-S :-S when i reassembled the burner i forgot to fit the gas jet :$ .


Now you have to bear in mind that there is still no ignition spark at this point. So back to square one and i decide to put a multimeter on the contacts at the back of the ignition button on the fridge panel, there`s no reading the button's faulty 8o| .

A little bit of tinkering and contact cleaner and its working :-D

OK lets turn on the gas and see how runs (?) Remember now that i have forgotten to refit the gas jet in the burner 8-)

Perhaps i should have mentioned earlier that i had my wife with me, but anyway she was stood outside the van by the fridge vent opening when i ignited the fridge.

That's when she gave out a loud scream " ITS ON FIRE" Qiuckly i turned the gas supply off and fortunately no actual damage was sustained “PHEW"

To end the story, i realised my mistake and refitted the gas jet, re-ignited the fridge and all`s working fine now :-)


Please be careful out there and don't make stupid mistakes like me :$


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