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european type number hymer 564/544


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could someone please give me the european type number for my hymer, it's marked on the log book, about half way down on the left section K type approval number. my 564 is just prior to having a type approval number but I need one to facilitate the importation of my van into france. I will be very grateful if someone can help.
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Can you clarify a bit?   You seem to be saying the type number is on the V5 in section K, but you also say your van is of pre type-approval vintage.  Ours is of post type-approval vintage, however the type-approval number is not stated on the V5.

If yours is of pre-type approval vintage, as you say, it will not have been type-approved.  It would probably be unwise to quote a type approval number for a model with a similar Hymer designation, as you would not know what modifications may have been carried out by Hymer to obtain type approval.

It should not be the case that only type approved vehicles can be importeted into France.  Surely there is a procedure for registration of vehicles without type-approval? 

It may be unwise to "invent" a type approval number for registration purposes, isn't there a warning about false declarations? 

Have you tried giving the chassis or build numbers to Hymer to see what they can recommend?

Finally, why not sell in UK and buy a similar LHD van in France.  You should find that much simpler, and probably cheaper, having regard to the generally lower prices in France.

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Hi there, contact Hymer UK, as long as you have the chassis number and the motorhome is less then 8 years old they will give you a cert for the france.

I am in the process of sorting out the same myself, for a hymer. the year before I imported a ford camper into france, so been there done that.

If you need any help let me know




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