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More useless PPE


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So the much heralded shipment of PPE from Turkey has finally arrived weeks late,

Turned out to be as useless as the 3 million testing kits BoJo bought

and left his pooper scoopers to seek a refund :-S


Everyone else bought up the proper kit whilst BoJo was faffing around with Brexit,

so all we can get now is what they don't want - and at hugely inflated prices

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Guest pelmetman
Birdbrain - 2020-05-07 8:47 AM


Is Holland in the EU ??? ... https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-netherlands-recalls-defective-masks-bought-from-china/a-52949216 ... Another fail from 'Hate On John' ... If you are going to knock stuff , knock it fairly


Spain also bought a load of dodgy test kits ;-) ..........


But the Haters convienently ignore that *-) ........


Frankly their Boris Bashing agenda is becoming quite pathetic :-| ........


I reckon it'll back fire on them again at the next election B-) ..........



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