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Bus or Truck ?

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Well a bus is 24ft 6 high the biggest comercial vehicle on the road?

That's what they used to reach us at training .

In saying that I don't think your camper is that high is it ?

So I would think that you would get under any bridge providing you stick to major route's BUT BE AWARE TO LOOK UP just incase .

I can't see that it makes any difference Re Bus or Lorry in the sat nav that is if your talking about heights.... (?) (?) (?) Are you, is this what you mean by implications ? It's the only thing that I can think of I hope it help's


just a thought I wouldn't think that it would send a bus or lorry down any different route (height alone should make the machine pick it up I HOPE.

and keep them on the most suitable route for low bridge's

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Charles Chodkowski - 2007-03-10 8:41 PM


Finally took the plunge and bought a digital personal assistant - Garmin 660 satnav to us all. A question I hope someone can help me with, should I enter myself in as a bus or a truck on the vehicle options? and what are the implications?


Hi Charles


I am thinking of getting the Nuvi 360 but had hoped that being able to select either bus or truck would eliminate the slight problem I get with my current satnav (TomTom Navigator on an O2 XDA) of taking the sometimes inappropriate by-roads.


Regards, David

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We have a Mio 268+ and it is set on Lorry. We tried it locally and it did take us on a different route to that we normally take in our car. I don't know about height though, I think we were in Beziers last week and heading out of the town and came across an underpass for cars before we realised, anyway, a lot of peope must do the same as the local highways department had provided a small turnoff so you wouldn't get stuck, as you can imagine, the air was blue, as there was a line of cars at the back of us.
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