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Early warning !

bob b

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I saw a good idea a while ago in a magazine concerning the above. The motorhomer had fitted two reversing warning buzzers into the sides of his A class, just above the step. If anyone approached the motorhome in the early hours, then the motorhomer was instantly alerted.

I toured Spain and portugal last year for a couple of months and used the system myself. As I did not want a permanent fitting, I just stuck the sensors on the top of the cab doors with double sided tape and slept with the sounder ( along with the baseball bat) next to my pillow. As the sensors were just above head height and fitted at night time, they are surprisingly discreet.

The power came from a cigar lighter fitting permanently attached to the leisure battery. In the morning I made up the system and stowed it away.


Anyone considering breaking in will almost certainly walk around the vehicle first, and as the sensors are placed at the top of the doors if the alarm sounds, then it will not be a fox, badger, etc, it'll be enemy action !!


I only used the equipment when I was wild camping and there was minimal risk of false alarms. On the occasions when I used it I felt comfortable and secure.


Wot fink ?

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The alternative to having no early warning system is to find a stranger at the foot of your bed, or perhaps be the victim of a gas attack.

I would like to be aware that someone is walking around my motorhome in the early hours when I'm pitched up in the middle of nowhere.


The sounder could be placed on the dashboard set at full volume

to frighten of the intruder. Generally these lowlifes don't want confrontation and upon hearing the beep's will move on elsewhere.


If you don't want to confront anyone, just SHOUT !


The meek shall not inherit the earth, just the bit's the strong don't want !

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Guest starspirit

I too like that idea.

As long as the noisy bit is outside the van, under the bonnet maybe, it should have the desired effect on lowlife and you might not even hear it go off yourself if you are sound asleep.

You could even consider connecting it to the horn via a relay perhaps?

If I did hear it I would just do nowt and listen for a few seconds before getting out of bed and shining a torch out through CLOSED windows, having first made the dog bark loudly.

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