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2002 Autosleeper motorhome on Ford chassis – right front brake locking on


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Hi, I’m posting this on behalf of my Father-in-law.


He has an Autosleeper motorhome built on a 2002 turbo diesel rear wheel drive Ford Transit.


Recently the right front brake has been locking on after travelling a few miles.


We’d be keen to know what common problems/potential fixes there are please.


Many thanks




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There will no doubt be a number of possibilities but I think the first thing I’d do is drive it a short distance and then compare the temperature of the two front hubs (be careful, they can get hot). If the side you think is locking on is significantly hotter then it is probably a binding brake. If it’s within your skill level take off the wheel, take off the brake calliper and service it then refit.
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robdav - 2020-05-26 7:34 PM


It seems that they are susceptible to "Brake hose collapsing inside common on Mk6 transits" so will start there.


You could prove that by slacking the bleed screw if wheel then frees you may have found the problem but wouldn't hurt to remove pads and check how easily they move in the holders first clean all rust and smear some copper slip on metal sliding parts do mine every 12 mths as part of service


If you end up changing brake hose do both sides

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This seems to be the most relevant Ford Transit forum entry




It depends what "Recently the right front brake has been locking on after travelling a few miles” actually means.


A disk brake that ‘binds’ due to a calliper-related issue won’t normally ‘lock on’, though it may be possible for a driver to notice that the vehicle’s performance is affected. I thought that the acceleration of a Toyota Corolla I once owned seemed to be a mite more lacklustre than usual (it had a non-turbo diesel motor, so performance could never be electrifying). I looked at the front disks through the wheels and thought that one disk looked discoloured, so I stuck my finger through the wheel and placed it against the disk. The problem was with the calliper and this was replaced under warranty, but It took quite a while for the burn on my finger to heal...


There is a Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for the Ford Transit Mk 6 (10/2000 to 10/2006) with a chapter covering the braking system of front or rear drive models (example advert here)




Before DIYing anything brake-related, it would be sensible to obtain that publication.


(If the brake flexible hoses are to be replaced and the brake fluid changed, as the vehicle will have ABS care will need to be taken to ensure that contamination does not occur.)

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